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Not all history buffs are interested in reenacting. Some just like to collect, study, and view. And for the history lover who wants to involve themselves in Ancient Greece, Dark Knight Armoury has a great selection of fine Greek home decor and gifts that are perfect to collect, offering up a touch of the ancient style of Greece in a variety of shapes and forms to suit the wants of practically anyone! This section is a clever mish-mash of different items, ranging from cool trinkets that you can easily carry along to fun accents to have sitting on your desk or shelf! For those who love the skill and mastery of a Greek warrior, we offer miniature Greek hoplite statues that are perfect for standing guard on shelves and desks, as well as helmet key chains and pencil toppers that can go along with you. And for those who love the lore and history of Greece, pewter accents like key rings, depicting such figures as Medusa and the owl of Athena are great to carry along with you. You will also be able to find Greek mythology in this section, in the form of collectibles and statues. Intriguing and fun, the Greek gifts you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury are all little touches that can go a long way, making them great add-ins and perfect trinkets to give, either for special occasions. Or you can give them because you want to, and because you know the recipient will love them!
Achilles with Chariot Statue
The most notable warrior of the Trojan War and the hero from the Iliad, Achilles was virtually indestructible except, of course, for his heel. Capture the iconic soldier as he rides into battle with the Achilles with Chariot Statue.
Price: $130.00
Ajax Statue
Ally of Achilles and Odysseus, Ajax fought Hector to a draw and was one of the greatest warriors in the Trojan War. Ajax stands proud and noble in the striking design of our cold cast bronze Ajax Statue.
Price: $58.00
Aphrodite With Doves Standing On Sea Shell Statue
A Grecian goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite was the subject of many artistic pieces, including paintings and sculptures. This Aphrodite With Doves Standing on Sea Shell Statue is a statue that represents this goddess quite well.
Price: $49.40
Apollo with Bow and Shield Statue
The son of Zeus and Leto and twin of Artemis, Apollo is the patron of Delphi and one of the most important deities in classical mythology. This Apollo with Bow and Shield Statue makes a splendid display on any shelf or table.
Price: $58.00
Aristotle Statue
Aristotle was one of the great Greek philosophers who helped to found modern philosophy as it is known today. His reputation as a thinker is well-known. The Aristotle Statue helps keep his memory alive today.
Price: $57.00
Athena - Goddess Of Wisdom And War Statue
Athena, goddess of war, wisdom, and justice, was the child of Zeus. Often, she is represented in a scholarly light, as she favors the thoughtful, but in this Athena - Goddess of Wisdom and War Statue, she is seen as a warrior.
Price: $51.30
Athena Throwing Javelin with Owl of Wisdom
Greek goddess Athena was revered for many talents, including domestic crafts such as weaving. But she is most notable for her skill in strategy, especially in warfare, as displayed in this Athena Throwing Javelin with Owl of Wisdom.
Price: $57.60
Athens Gold Stater Replica Coins
This reproduction Athens Gold Stater coin depicts Athena wearing a helmet on the obverse and an owl on the reverse. These Athens Gold Stater Replica Coins come 10 coins in a pack, so you can fill your coin purse.
Price: $26.00
Athens Greek Replica Coin Pack
The images on this reproduction Athens Greek Coin are very significant to the Greek city-state of Athens. The coin is held in a clear plastic blister and is supplied in full color pamphlet packaging, complete with historical information.
Price: $4.00
Athens Silver Didrachm Replica Coins
This reproduction Athens Silver Didrachm coin depicts Athena wearing a helmet on the obverse and an owl on the reverse. These Athens Silver Didrachm Replica Coins come 10 in a pack, so you can fill your coin purse.
Price: $22.00
Atlas Carrying Celestial Spheres Statue
Carrying an armillary sphere on his shoulders, this bronze Atlas statue bears the weight of the heavens. Place this Atlas Carrying Celestial Spheres Statue in your home or give it as a gift to be a symbol of strength and endurance.
Price: $44.00
Battling Perseus Statue
Shown in the midst of battle, Greek hero Perseus leaps forward over broken columns. He wears gleaming armour and a winged helmet. Display this Battling Perseus Statue with any of his foes to create an epic scene from Greek mythology.
Price: $48.80
Bronze Achilles Statue
Before his death by Paris in the Trojan War, Achilles was known as one of the greatest warriors and heroes of Greek mythology. Commemorate this soldier before his tragic fall in your home or office with this Bronze Achilles Statue.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Athena Clock
Greek goddess of wisdom, justice, and war strategy, Athena served as the patron of heroic endeavors and the city of Athens. The Bronze Athena Clock makes an excellent home accent to show your interest in this classical figure.
Price: $64.00
Bronze Greek Goddess Athena Statue
For thousands of years, Athena has been depicted as the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, and purposeful war. With this Bronze Greek Goddess Athena Statue, you can incorporate this legendary figure into your home or office decor.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Hecate Statue
In the tradition of Ancient Greek religion, Hecate was a prominent goddess who was worshipped daily in Athenian households to bless the families who lived there. This Bronze Hecate Statue depicts the goddess with many of her symbols.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Medusa Statue
Once a beautiful woman with lovely hair, Medusa was cursed with her scaly form and lethal gaze by the goddess Athena. Depicted here with a green serpent tail and red snakes for hair, this Bronze Medusa Statue makes a stunning gift.
Price: $40.00
Bronze Mounted Ares Statue
As the god of war, Ares was celebrated by warriors of all types and creeds. Here, in this brilliantly detailed Bronze Mounted Ares Statue, he is depicted as grand warrior clad in resplendent armor, mounted atop an adorned warhorse.
Price: $56.00
Bronze Nike Raising Torch with Right Hand
A symbol of victory throughout the world, she was known as Nike in Greece and Victoria in Rome. Bearing a torch for inspiration and knowledge, this Bronze Nike Raising Torch with Right Hand will enhance your home with honor and glory.
Price: $36.00
Bronze Nike with Sword and Wreath in Hands
The goddess of Victory bore the name Nike in Greece and Victoria in Rome. As charioteer for Zeus during the Titan War, she helped bring about victory for the Olympians. Add this Bronze Nike with Sword and Wreath to your collection.
Price: $60.00
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