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When most people think of Roman clothing, the common garment is the toga. In actuality, the toga was not the common garment. Indeed, it was considered formal wear, with tunics being common among men and long draped gowns being common among women. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer an array of great options that allow for both men and women to recreate an authentic look, born right from the pages of Roman history. The tunics in this section come in a variety of styles and lengths, to suit a variety of needs. The casual look was often a belted tunic that fell about the knees, and we offer tunics of appropriate length, as well as some inspired Roman belts to complete the look. Some are light for casual wearing, and others are heavy, to be worn as the legionaries did, under their armour. We also offer some more ornate Roman belts that have dangling tassets and accents, to perfectly pair with armour to create a more impressive look worthy of a centurion, a praetorian, or a general. Roman ladies can wear tunics as well, as needed for casual working, or for a more beautiful appearance, we have a handful of Roman gowns that are perfect for festivals and celebrations. Of course, we also carry caligae and Roman sandals, so that from head to toe, you can wrap yourself in Roman style. Need some Roman clothing or a Roman belt to build your ideal reenactment look? Then you have come to the right place, because Dark Knight Armoury has all the right accents to make you look like a true citizen of Rome.
1st Century Roman Legionary Disc Belt
This Roman belt is something of an elaborate affair, featuring several unique touches that make it an impressive accent, to be sure. The 1st Century Roman Legionary Disc Belt serves well as an addition to any military based Roman costume or look.
Price: $216.00
Casual Roman Tunic
Save the toga, nothing is quite as iconic for the Roman to wear as the bright red tunic. This Casual Roman Tunic creates the draped design of this classic Roman wear, while also opening the Roman style up to a number of other colors.
Price: $69.00
Centurion Belt
This Centurion Belt is titled as such not because it possesses details worthy of a ranked officer, but because it is modeled after the belt worn by one such centurion, named Facilis, who served in the XX legion during the first century.
Price: $178.00
Coptic Roman Tunic
Even across the sea in Roman-ruled Egypt, the fashion trends were quite similar. Romans in Alexandria and most of Egypt favored a garment like this Coptic Roman Tunic, as much for its style as for the comfort it afforded in the region.
Price: $55.00
Decorative Brass Roman Belt with Apron
This Decorative Brass Roman Belt with Apron is modeled after the Roman cingulum, allowing re-enactors and Roman enthusiasts to create a look and style that is impressively authentic, as well as incredibly detailed, from head to toe.
Price: $243.00
Gladiator Belt
This wide kidney belt offers great protection in the coliseum. Made of an aged dyed leather, the belt has three adjustable straps with antiqued brass buckles for a secure fit. This is a classic style Gladiator belt.
Price: $85.00
Gladiator Tunic
The basic blue tunic of a slave, who fights for freedom and entertainment in the arenas of Rome. This simple rough weaved Gladiator tunic has unfinished edges, giving it a worn, peasant-like appearance.
Price: $59.00
Late Roman Copt Tunic
The toga might have been the symbolic garment of the Roman citizen, but no piece of clothing was quite as prolific as the tunic. This Late Roman Copt Tunic is based on a style that was popular in the southern bounds of the Empire.
Price: $69.00
Legionary Cingulum Belt
In the Legion, it is important to set yourself apart from the rank and file of troops. Stand out by adding this Legionary Cingulum Belt, an accessory to your full set of armor that offers both functionality and classic Roman flair.
Price: $225.00
RGZM Legionary Belt
This belt is the perfect accent to an assortment of Roman military looks, complementing the armor of decorated officers and generals alike! The RGZM Legionary Belt is an impressive decorative belt complete with an ornately plated apron.
Price: $267.00
Roman Belt
This Roman Belt is an impressive and striking accessory that features impressive brass adornments across its surface. You could also call this belt a balteus or a cingulum, which are Latin words that respectively mean belt and girdle.
Price: $248.00
Roman Brass Decorative Belt with Apron
This Roman Brass Decorative Belt With Apron is modeled after the Roman cingulum, allowing re-enactors and Roman enthusiasts to create a look and style that is impressively authentic, as well as incredibly detailed, from head to toe.
Price: $216.00
Roman Caligae
Contrary to popular belief, Roman soldiers did not wear sandals as a part of their uniform. Their footwear, the Roman Caligae, were more like shoes that featured an open shape, which was designed to be comfortable and functional.
Price: $108.00
Roman Caligae Sandals
Footwear has been important all throughout history, and one of the most iconic shoes of the Roman Empire have been recreated here in the Roman Caligae Sandals. These military boots were worn by many different ranks of soldiers.
Price: $92.00
On Sale For: $85.00
Roman Cingulum Belt
It should come as no surprise that Roman soldiers had a need to wear a belt. After all, it was necessary to carry their gladius. A belt, though, could also be a symbol of status, as is the case with this Roman Cingulum Belt.
Price: $178.00
Roman Commander Belt
The Roman Commander Belt is made from harness grade leather and custom hand formed metal plates. This superb belt could only belong to a Roman Officer and hero, making it perfect for Centurions and Praetorians.
Price: $42.50
Roman Empress Boots
The Roman Empress Boots are a great accessory for your Roman ensemble. They can also be worn with Gothic or Modern wear as well! These comfortable and stylish boots are made of a combination of soft microfiber and synthetic leather.
Price: $71.95
Roman Gladiator Tunic
Entertain the roaring crowd and earn yourself a name by unleashing your skills in the Roman arena while clad in the Roman Gladiator Tunic. Forget your past and what tragedies may lay there, the upcoming battle deserves full attention.
Price: $21.45
Roman Leather Baldric
The baldric is the leather strap that goes across your chest and lets your sword hang at your hip. This Roman Leather Baldric is styled after the ones from ancient Rome and is a perfect accent to any legionnaire or Centurion look.
Price: $40.00
Roman Mainz Belt
The style of Roman warriors is iconic, and few pieces of that style stand out like the cingulum belt. Based upon the design of cingulum belts from the first century, the Roman Mainz Belt is an authentic addition to your armor.
Price: $248.00
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