If you think that a sash is an accessory with limited use, then perhaps you need to give it a closer look. A sash is an incredibly flexible accessory, one whose use is limited only by the imagination of the wearer. Dark Knight Armoury carries a number of simple and ornate sashes, the likes of which are suitable for almost any look. We have sashes that are suitable for pirates, scarves that are suitable for nobles, and even a few cravats floating around for the Victorian or Steampunk gentleman. How you wear the sash depends entirely on the look you are going for. A sash around the waist is a great accent for a belt, where as a sash tied around the forehead is a traditional look for almost any swashbuckler. A sash can be worn around the neck and tied in an elaborate knot similar to a cravat. You can even wear a sash around your arm or leg, wrapped up tight or left with some trailing tails for additional flair. It is really up to you and your personal taste. Sashes are not just for gypsies and pirates, although a sash does look great on both. Everyone, from peasants to musketeers and kings to assassins, can wear a sash and make it look really good.
Assassin's Creed II Ezio Sash
Echoing the style of the classic Assassin's Creed look, this fully licensed Assassin's Creed II Ezio Sash is based on the appearance of the Italian assassin and eventual master of the order. It is perfect for transforming yourself into an assassin.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $31.00
Aviator Scarf
When you are flying an open-cockpit aircraft, you quickly learn that the pilots did not wear their scarves and goggles purely for style. Goggles will keep your eyes safe, and this Aviator Scarf will help keep the chill away.
Price: $10.00
Cotton Sash
The Cotton Sash is one of the most versatile accessories you will ever own! Wrap it around your head or waist, or tie it to your arm to hold slashed sleeves out of the way. It can hold your mug, pouch, knife, or just about anything else.
Price: $11.00
Empire Cravat
The forerunner of the modern neck or bow tie, this Empire Cravat is the perfect finishing touch for your formal Victorian or Steampunk look. The Empire Cravat is one size fits most and can be worn by men or women.
Price: $20.00
Jack Sparrow Pirate Scarf
At first glance, this red scarf is fairly unassuming. Appearances, however, can be deceiving, as this is the Jack Sparrow Pirate Scarf, a licensed replica of the scarf worn by the pirate during the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
Price: $12.00
Large Linen Sash
Worn under a leather belt or instead of one, the sash is a distinctive accessory frequently worn by pirates. Made from linen fabric in several colors, this flexible and multi-purpose Large Linen Sash is light and easy to wear.
Price: $16.00
Large Pirate Skull Scarf
Accent your pirate outfit with this large cotton voile pirate skull scarf. The large scarf has skull design screen printed equally spaced skull heads throughout the scarf and comes in a variety of colors.
Price: $15.50
Linen Triangle Bandana
When you dress like a pirate, you should do so from head to toe. With this Linen Triangle Bandana, the buccaneer look is easy to achieve. Versatile due to its simplicity, you will discover numerous ways to style this accessory.
Price: $11.00
Pirates Sash
This Pirate Sash, available in burgundy, black, and gold, is a beautiful accent piece for any pirate outfit. No pirate outfit is complete without a sash. You can wear our Pirate Sashes around your waist or under your leather pirate belt.
Price: $39.00
Satin Pirate Sash Bandana
This Satin Pirate Sash Bandana is a beautiful accent piece for any pirate outfit. These satin sashes measure 100 inches in length and come in a variety of colors. No Pirate outfit is complete without this pirate satin sash.
Price: $15.50
Satin Sash
Finished with a 4-inch fringe, our Satin Sash is a full 3 yards long. Tie it at your waist, or use it as a headwrap. It makes a nice alternative or addition to a belt. This garment is dry clean only.
Price: $9.50
Silk Flying Scarf
This silk white scarf is the perfect complement for many airship ensembles. Our Silk Flying Scarf has an overall length of 6 feet and 14 inch width and is a must for steampunk outfits, whether for a Steampunk faire or convention.
Price: $30.00
Small Pirate Skull Scarf
Accent your pirate outfit with this small cotton voile pirate skull scarf. The small scarf has skull design screen printed equally spaced skull heads throughout the scarf and comes in a variety of colors.
Price: $10.00
Spanish Nobleman Sash
The Spanish Nobleman Sash makes a striking addition to any mens period outfit by wrapping your waist for a polished look. The black poly-cotton blend sash has a layered appearance with two long, diagonal tails.
Price: $36.00
Steampunk Pocket Watch Cravat
Complete your formal attire with this charming steampunk cravat with pocket watch print. The Steampunk Pocket Watch Cravat shows off detailed, bright gold antique pocket watches and chains from various angles.
Price: $27.50
Steampunk Time Traveler Cravat
Finish off your outfit with this beautiful, elegant steampunk cravat with travel-themed print. The Steampunk Time Traveler Cravat shows off black hot air balloons, dirigibles, trains, and other methods of locomotion.
Price: $27.50
Steamworks Lightweight Wings Scarf
Spread your mechanical wings with the Steamworks Lightweight Wings Scarf. This printed scarf is generously sized, making it versatile to wear as a scarf or wrap. The design features steampunk styled wings superimposed over a map print.
Price: $14.95
Victorian Silver Floral Brocade Cravat
The Victorian period included many sharp fashions for men, influencing formal dress even in modern times. The Victorian Silver Floral Brocade Cravat looks amazing when paired with a waistcoat, dress shirt, suit jacket, and cufflinks.
Price: $32.50
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