Mythology Statues

The faith that once made myths into religion might have all but passed into antiquity, but the interest in mythology remains alive and strong, even to this day! And that interest is alive and well here at Dark Knight Armoury, as we offer a great selection of mythology statues that allow anyone to celebrate their interest in the religions of centuries past! Here, you will find statues of a wide number of different figures from myth and legend, including the various gods and goddesses that were once worshipped by cultures throughout medieval Europe. Some of the more common mythologies you will find represented here are those figures from Greek myth, Roman myth, and Norse myth, because these were some of the more common faiths, although they were by no means the only ones. All of them intermix here, though, which means you will find Ares statues standing side-by-side with Thor statues, just as you will find Odin statues with Zeus statues. Luckily, you will find all this without there being any titanic clashes of divine might. Full statues stand all, depicting scenes straight out of myth and legend, as well as busts that depict the gods up close and personal. Just because it is myth, though, does not mean that it was once religious, and so you will find various other figures from myth and legend here too, including creatures like unicorns, centaurs, dryads, and more! So if you have got an interest in mythology and legend, then perhaps it is best if you take a brief stroll through the mythology statues here at Dark Knight Armoury. Whether you like Roman gods, Greek gods, Norse gods, or just myth in general, you are sure to find a few good statues here that are just begging to be added to your collection or decor.
Achilles with Chariot Statue
The most notable warrior of the Trojan War and the hero from the Iliad, Achilles was virtually indestructible except, of course, for his heel. Capture the iconic soldier as he rides into battle with the Achilles with Chariot Statue.
Price: $130.00
Achilles with Spear and Shield Statue
Capture the greatest fighter of the Trojan War with the Achilles with Spear Statue. Crafted from cold cast bronze, this statue can be paired with a Hector Statue (WU-1331) to create an epic mythological battle scene.
Price: $64.00
Ajax Statue
Ally of Achilles and Odysseus, Ajax fought Hector to a draw and was one of the greatest warriors in the Trojan War. Ajax stands proud and noble in the striking design of our cold cast bronze Ajax Statue.
Price: $58.00
Aphrodite Statue
As the Greek goddess of love, desire, and beauty, Aphrodite was seen as the most beautiful and desirable woman in existence. Here, the Aphrodite Statue captures the idea that among the goddesses, none were as beautiful as Aphrodite.
Price: $50.00
Aphrodite With Doves Standing On Sea Shell Statue
A Grecian goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite was the subject of many artistic pieces, including paintings and sculptures. This Aphrodite With Doves Standing on Sea Shell Statue is a statue that represents this goddess quite well.
Price: $49.40
Apollo and Artemis Statue
Capture two classic mythological characters as they ride their chariot through the skies with the Apollo and Artemis Statue. This statue is made from cold cast bronze and depicts these mythological figures in stunning detail.
Price: $135.00
Apollo Profile Statue
This portrays Apollo and measures 11 inches. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and has a twin sister Artemis. The Apollo Statue is made of cold cast bronze and would make a great gift for anyone who loves Greek and Roman Mythology.
Price: $49.50
Apollo Statue
This portrays one of many stories of Apollo and measures 8.75 inches. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and has a twin sister Artemis. The Apollo Statue is made of cold cast bronze and makes a great gift for anyone who loves Greek mythology.
Price: $60.00
Apollo with Bow and Shield Statue
The son of Zeus and Leto and twin of Artemis, Apollo is the patron of Delphi and one of the most important deities in classical mythology. This Apollo with Bow and Shield Statue makes a splendid display on any shelf or table.
Price: $58.00
Artemis - The Goddess Of Hunting And Wilderness Statue
Greek gods and goddesses were numerous, as there was a personification for every aspect in existence. This Artemis - Goddess of Hunting and Wilderness depicts a goddess who was well-known for her purity and fiery demeanor.
Price: $59.85
Artemis Statue
Artemis was one of the most widely venerated of the Ancient Greek deities. She was the Hellenic goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, young girls, and disease in women. This statue is made of cold cast bronze.
Price: $49.50
Athena - Goddess Of Wisdom And War Statue
Athena, goddess of war, wisdom, and justice, was the child of Zeus. Often, she is represented in a scholarly light, as she favors the thoughtful, but in this Athena - Goddess of Wisdom and War Statue, she is seen as a warrior.
Price: $51.30
Athena Statue
In Greek Mythology, Athena is the goddess of civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, craft, justice, and skill. Her Roman incarnation embodies similar attributes. She is a shrewd companion of heroes and the goddess of heroic endeavor.
Price: $49.50
Athena Throwing Javelin with Owl of Wisdom
Greek goddess Athena was revered for many talents, including domestic crafts such as weaving. But she is most notable for her skill in strategy, especially in warfare, as displayed in this Athena Throwing Javelin with Owl of Wisdom.
Price: $57.60
Atlas Carrying a Globe Tall Box
In mythology, Atlas was the titan who was ordered to hold aloft the sky, so that it could not resume its embrace the land, as it had in primordial times. This Atlas Carrying Globe Tall Box gives life and detail to that ancient myth.
Price: $218.50
Atlas Carrying Celestial Spheres Statue
Carrying an armillary sphere on his shoulders, this bronze Atlas statue bears the weight of the heavens. Place this Atlas Carrying Celestial Spheres Statue in your home or give it as a gift to be a symbol of strength and endurance.
Price: $44.00
Atlas Night Light Lamp
In mythology, Atlas was a titan condemned by Zeus, and his punishment was to carry the sky, keeping it forever separated from the earth. This Atlas Night Light Lamp depicts that very act, showing the titan as he holds up the sky.
Price: $130.00
Atlas Statue
In Greek mythology, Atlas was the primordial Titan who supported the Heavens from the ranges now called the Atlas Mountains. He was the son of the Titan Iapetus and the Oceanid Asia. This statue is made of cold cast resin.
Price: $40.00
Atlas the Titan Desk Clock
Atlas of Greece is referred to as the Titan of Strength for his well-known feat of holding up the sky. This Atlas the Titan Desk Clock depicts a unique spin on his iconic image, making it a must have for your home or office decor.
Price: $50.00
Baldur Statue
In Norse mythology, Baldur appears as a god of light and purity, who was made invulnerable to everything except mistletoe. The Baldur Statue depicts him bare chested with long hair and a beard with a star icon at his waist.
Price: $50.00
Baphomet Demon Statue
Baphomet came into interest with the Knights Templar as an occult figure they were accused of worshipping. The Baphomet Demon Statue reveals his form with the torso and arms of a man, head and legs of a goat, and feathered wings.
Price: $48.00
Battling Perseus Statue
Shown in the midst of battle, Greek hero Perseus leaps forward over broken columns. He wears gleaming armour and a winged helmet. Display this Battling Perseus Statue with any of his foes to create an epic scene from Greek mythology.
Price: $48.80
Battling Thor Statue
In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the last battle that reduces the world to ash. During the battle, Thor is fated to fight his greatest enemy, the world serpent Jormungandr. This epic battle is depicted in the Battling Thor Statue.
Price: $64.00
Birth of Venus Statue
The Birth of Venus Statue is based on a painting of the same name by the famous Italian painter, Sandro Botticelli. This amazing statue depicts the Roman goddess Venus in all her glory, as she stands atop a single seashell.
Price: $27.00
Black Pegasus Statue
While most often depicted in its pure white form, the Pegasus occasionally appears in other bold colors. The Black Pegasus Statue depicts one example with a jet black Pegasus standing among the clouds.
Price: $27.00
Blindfolded Fortune Statue
The Roman goddess Fortuna represents the capriciousness of good luck, sometimes bringing windfalls and other times serving as the cruel hand of fate. The Blindfolded Fortune Statue shows her in a moment of bounty and blessing.
Price: $63.00
Bright Cernunnus Statue
The Bright Cernunnos Statue displays the mysterious pagan god in exquisite detail, from the elegantly curving horns on his head to the runes and vines that decorate his body down to the forest floor base upon which he stands.
Price: $40.00
Bronze Achilles Statue
Before his death by Paris in the Trojan War, Achilles was known as one of the greatest warriors and heroes of Greek mythology. Commemorate this soldier before his tragic fall in your home or office with this Bronze Achilles Statue.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Aphrodite Statue
As the Greek goddess of love and desire, Aphrodite is associated with the pursuit of love and beauty. In the Bronze Aphrodite Statue, she is pictured as a lovely young woman who stands tall and serene while the wind plays with her hair.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Arianrhod Statue
Arianrhod is a goddess out of Welsh Celtic mythology, often known by the name Moon Mother Goddess. Representing fertility, reincarnation, and beauty, this Bronze Arianrhod Statue is a stunning depiction of this famed female deity.
Price: $84.00
Bronze Athena Clock
Greek goddess of wisdom, justice, and war strategy, Athena served as the patron of heroic endeavors and the city of Athens. The Bronze Athena Clock makes an excellent home accent to show your interest in this classical figure.
Price: $64.00
Bronze Atlas Carrying the World Statue
Punished for supporting the Titans in the war against the Olympians in Greek mythology, Atlas received the punishment of forever holding the celestial spheres in place, as seen in the Bronze Atlas Carrying the World Statue.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Atlas Statue
In Greek mythology, Atlas was the primordial Titan who supported the Heavens from the ranges now called the Atlas Mountains. He was the son of the Titan Iapetus and the Oceanid Asia. This statue is made of cold cast bronze.
Price: $49.50
Bronze Blinded Justice Statue
Impartiality remains the backbone of the justice system, so that all know that their actions will be judged without bias. The Bronze Blinded Justice Statue depicts this concept with blindfolded Lady Justice seated with scales and sword.
Price: $40.00
Bronze Celtic Cerridwen Statue
An enchantress from a medieval Welsh legend, Cerridwen is known among modern Paganism as the goddess of rebirth and the keeper of the Cauldron of Knowledge. This Bronze Celtic Cerridwen Statue depicts this in a stunning decor piece.
Price: $72.00
Bronze Celtic Goddess Brigid Statue
Brigid is one of the most memorable deities of Celtic history, mainly presiding over poetry, smithcraft, and healing of all kinds. Own a gleaming depiction of this figure for your decor with the Bronze Celtic Goddess Brigid Statue.
Price: $64.00
Bronze Cernunnos Statue
A mysterious god of the ancient Celts, Cernunnos is also known as the Horned God, referring to his antlered head. The Bronze Cernunnos Statue proudly displays this god with intricate hand polished details and a bronze construction.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Crone Goddess Statue
The crone, known both for her wisdom and disagreeable nature, acts as the third figure of a goddess triad, following after the Maiden and the Mother. The Bronze Crone Goddess Statue depicts her as a seated elderly woman with a cane.
Price: $32.00
Bronze Danu Statue
Danu is considered the first of the Celtic deities, thus making her a sort of Mother Nature figure among Celtic mythology. Give this goddess of universal wisdom and divine knowledge a place in your home with the Bronze Danu Statue.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Demeter Statue
As the goddess of nature and harvest, Demeter was one of the most important Greek goddesses. While she was not without her wrathful side, she is often depicted as bountiful and giving, like she appears in this Bronze Demeter Statue.
Price: $60.00
Bronze Dryad Statue
The dryad was typically a spirit or being associated with trees. Most were shy, feminine creatures that avoided contact. In the Bronze Dryad Statue, though, this dryad appears bolder and is more willing to defend her chosen tree.
Price: $60.00
Bronze Goddess Hecate Statue
The Greek goddess of crossroads, dogs, witchcraft, and poisonous plants, Hecate served as a protective deity in Athenian society. The Bronze Goddess Hecate Statue displays a depiction of this goddess by artist Maxine Miller.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Greek Goddess Athena Statue
For thousands of years, Athena has been depicted as the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, and purposeful war. With this Bronze Greek Goddess Athena Statue, you can incorporate this legendary figure into your home or office decor.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Hebe by Thorvaldsen Statue
The Bronze Hebe by Thorvaldsen depicts the likeness of Hebe, the Greek goddess of youth, who was responsible for serving the gods their feasts of ambrosia and nectar. This statue depicts the goddess carrying the repast of the gods.
Price: $32.00
Bronze Hecate Statue
In the tradition of Ancient Greek religion, Hecate was a prominent goddess who was worshipped daily in Athenian households to bless the families who lived there. This Bronze Hecate Statue depicts the goddess with many of her symbols.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Hercules Statue
Known for his legendary feats such as killing the Nemean lion, the demigod Hercules remains a popular mythological figure. The Bronze Hercules Statue depicts this powerful hero wearing his iconic lion skin over his back.
Price: $56.00
Bronze Herne the Hunter Statue
Herne the Hunter is an old myth and legend, one associated with Windsor Forest, although the legend has spread beyond the bounds of any one place. This Bronze Herne the Hunter Statue depicts him as a wild hunter.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Hestia Statue
Hestia is an important Greek goddess that is oftentimes forgotten in lieu of her other, more boisterous relatives. This Bronze Hestia Statue, however, celebrates the goddess of hearth and family by depicting her in all her radiance.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Justice with Scales and Sword Statue
Justice is something that man has long sought to achieve. While true justice is notoriously difficult to find, this Bronze Justice With Scales and Sword Statue is not, allowing you to bring some form of Justice in your life with ease.
Price: $40.00
Bronze Lady Justice Statue
Justice is beautiful and blind. This Bronze Lady Justice Statue depicts her in her classic form, that of a beautiful woman wearing a blindfold, while holding a sword in one hand and a scale in the other to represent her authority.
Price: $190.00
Bronze Loki Statue
This detailed statue depicts Loki, a figure from Norse mythology who is viewed as a consummate trickster and a villain. The Bronze Loki Statue depicts him as armed and in armor, accompanied by two of his fiercest children.
Price: $60.00
Bronze Maiden Goddess Statue
The maiden figure in a goddess triad, preceding the Mother and Crone figures, represents youth and its potential. The Bronze Maiden Goddess Statue depicts her as a young girl dressed in decorated robes, sitting upon a tree stump.
Price: $32.00
Bronze Medusa Statue
Once a beautiful woman with lovely hair, Medusa was cursed with her scaly form and lethal gaze by the goddess Athena. Depicted here with a green serpent tail and red snakes for hair, this Bronze Medusa Statue makes a stunning gift.
Price: $40.00
Bronze Morrigan Statue
As the priestess of war and sovereignty, Morrigan is still seen today by followers of Celtic mythology and ancient religions as a symbol of strength. This Bronze Morrigan Statue will serve as a daily reminder of her power and grace.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Mother Goddess Statue
Mother goddesses frequently appear in forms that emphasize their fertility and constructive qualities. The Bronze Mother Goddess Statue reveals a seated female figure with a tender expression holding her heavily pregnant middle.
Price: $32.00
Bronze Mounted Ares Statue
As the god of war, Ares was celebrated by warriors of all types and creeds. Here, in this brilliantly detailed Bronze Mounted Ares Statue, he is depicted as grand warrior clad in resplendent armor, mounted atop an adorned warhorse.
Price: $56.00
Bronze Nike Raising Torch with Right Hand
A symbol of victory throughout the world, she was known as Nike in Greece and Victoria in Rome. Bearing a torch for inspiration and knowledge, this Bronze Nike Raising Torch with Right Hand will enhance your home with honor and glory.
Price: $36.00
Bronze Nike with Sword and Wreath in Hands
The goddess of Victory bore the name Nike in Greece and Victoria in Rome. As charioteer for Zeus during the Titan War, she helped bring about victory for the Olympians. Add this Bronze Nike with Sword and Wreath to your collection.
Price: $60.00
Bronze Pallas Athena Nevermore Raven Bust
Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena is shown with a clever talking raven in this statue inspired by the narrative poem The Raven by American writer Edgar Allan Poe, well known for his love of mysterious and macabre stories and poems.
Price: $44.00
Bronze Pan and Aphrodite Statue
In this fine statue, three mythic Greek figures are depicted together. The Bronze Pan and Aphrodite Statue is named for two most prominent of those figures, while a third, Cupid, floats just over his mothers shoulder.
Price: $64.00
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