The name Spartacus is legendary, belonging to one of the most famous rebels to ever strike out against the Roman Empire. But before the name was legendary, it belonged to a man who was betrayed by Rome and robbed of everything that he loved. And that is the tale that is told in the stunningly visceral series known as Spartacus Blood and Sand. At the start of the series, Spartacus, then unnamed, is in service to the Romans, but finds himself betrayed. His village, and his life, fall apart and he is sold into slavery, condemned to become a gladiator, who will fight for the entertainment of the masses. And it through his prowess as a gladiator that Spartacus earns both his name and his reputation, and inevitably, grows into the most legendary rebel that the Roman Empire has ever known. Offered here are a number of great items that are modeled after the weapons and armor that are featured in this entertaining series, including a number of the weapons that are used by Spartacus and his fellow gladiators, as well as the scant armor that they have to protect themselves with. Each of these items makes for a great collectible, and many are also fantastic costume items, allowing you to create a look that perfectly suits famous gladiators. Perhaps you watched the serious and have come to love Spartacus for his prowess. Perhaps you knew the legend before and seek to emulate it know. Or perhaps you just love the Roman gladiator for their prowess and their reputation. Whatever the reason, you can bet that if you are looking to reign supreme as the greatest gladiator known to Rome, you will want to check out Dark Knight Armoury and our great selection of licensed Spartacus items.
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