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If you have come to Dark Knight Armourys comics and gaming section, then you are obviously a fan of fantasy, fiction, and superheroes. And if you have a favorite one, then this Shop by Character section is the next logical step. Here, we have sorted all our comic and gaming gear by relevant character, so that it is easy for you to find the shirts, collectibles, and other accessories that you want. Broken up by character, or sometimes by superhero association, this section makes it easy to locate what you want. As of the moment, we have sections dedicated to Marvel and DC superheroes, including the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, The Punisher, Spiderman, Superman, and Batman, as well as a section dedicated to the X-men. We also have a section of Marvel team-ups, where multiple heroes make an appearance. And as time goes by, we will keep adding to the section as we acquire more hero tees, hoodies, and collectibles! So it is a good idea to check back every now and then, because you never know what cool heroes, and their collectibles, might show up in Dark Knight Armourys comics and gaming shop by characters section.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Apparel, Clothing and Gear
It has been said, and joked over, that The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division has an overly long name. Indeed, they are perhaps better known by their other moniker - S.H.I.E.L.D. Made up of highly trained agents, this group watches over America and protects it from all manner of threats, and in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television show, we follow the adventures of one such team of agents.
Ant-Man Merchandise, Ant-Man Apparel, and Ant-Man Collectibles
Using his astonishing ability to shrink down to the size of insects, Ant-Man remains one of the most unique superheroes around! Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry an excellent selection of official Ant-Man merchandise, including Ant-Man t-shirts, figurines, magnets, blankets, card decks, and more! Fans can show off their enjoyment of this curious character with ease with our fun Ant-Man apparel and Ant-Man collectibles!
Aquaman Merchandise, Aquaman T-Shirts, and Aquaman Collectibles
Show off your love of this iconic aquatic superhero by checking out the licensed Aquaman merchandise that we carry at Dark Knight Armoury! Aquaman is a classic DC Comics character, appearing as a half-human hybrid with an Atlantean mother. He possesses a range of superhuman powers that make him a master of the oceans. Aquaman fans are sure to enjoy the excellent Aquaman t-shirts and other Aquaman collectibles they will find here.
Batman Apparel, Clothing and Gear
Batman may be one of the most well-known superheroes in all of comic book history. First released in May of 1939, Batman has been around for many years and had plenty of time to circulate the globe. He has been portrayed in comical tones and dark settings, and throughout his time as a hero has been involved in numerous plots, while foiling and beating countless villains, while amassing an alliance of powerful friends.
Captain America Apparel, Clothing and Gear
Patriotic and good in almost every way, Captain America is often labeled as Americas First Superhero, although given that he was first seen in 1941, that is not quite right. Still, he was perhaps the first superhero to so boldly display the stars and stripes. Now, Dark Knight Armoury has a section dedicated to him, so that you know where you can find all of our gear that pays homage to Steve Rogers and his battle against evil.
Daredevil Merchandise, Daredevil T-Shirts, and Daredevil Collectibles
Blinded in a childhood accident, lawyer Matt Murdock uses his superpowers and martial arts skills to venture out on the streets of Hells Kitchen to fight crime. Fans of the Daredevil comics and other media are sure to enjoy the fantastic Daredevil collectibles we carry at Dark Knight Armoury. Check out our Daredevil t-shirts, POP figures, magnets, playing cards, and other merchandise to find something to suit your taste!
Deadpool T-shirts, Deadpool Apparel, and Deadpool Collectibles
An insane and talkative member of the Marvel Comic universe, Deadpool holds a unique appeal for fans, often comically breaking the fourth wall in his stories. We carry a variety of Deadpool merchandise for your enjoyment, including Deadpool apparel and Deadpool collectibles. Browse through our selection of Deadpool graphic t-shirts, Deadpool costume shirts, Deadpool hoodies, Deadpool mugs, and other Deadpool accents.
Dr. Strange Collectibles, Doctor Strange Movie Apparel, Dr. Strange Accessories, and Doctor Strange Drinkware
By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! Using incantations that perform tasks such as energy projection, matter transformation, teleportation and more, Doctor Strange protects the Earth from mystical villains. Dark Knight Armoury offers stupendous Doctor Strange collectibles and apparel, inspired by the comics and the 2016 feature film, including Dr. Strange t-shirts, Doctor Strange ceramic mugs, Dr. Strange drinking glasses, and Dr. Strange POP figures.
Green Arrow Merchandise, Green Arrow T-Shirts, and Green Arrow Collectibles
An incredible master archer, Green Arrow uses his archery and martial arts skills to fight crime alongside other superheroes in the Justice League. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer fans of this classic DC Comics character a great selection of licensed Green Arrow merchandise to enjoy. Our Green Arrow t-shirts and apparel and other Green Arrow collectibles provide fun ways to show off your love of this Robin Hood-like hero.
Green Lantern Apparel, Green Lantern T-Shirts, Lantern Corps T-Shirts and Green Lantern Collectibles
In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evils might beware my power, Green Lanterns light! These are the words of an oath, taken by not one, but many heroes, all sworn to protect the galaxy. Any one of them is known as a Green Lantern, but only one is THE Green Lantern, the human hero and member of the Green Lantern Corps who protects Earth.
Guardians of the Galaxy Clothing, Guardians of the Galaxy Shirts, Guardians of the Galaxy Collectibles, and Guardians of the Galaxy Merchandise
Fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy comics and Marvel film will be pleased to find a great selection of Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise here. We carry an array of Guardians of the Galaxy shirts including Star-Lord shirts, Gamora shirts, Rocket Raccoon shirts, Drax shirts, Groot shirts, and superhero team shirts. In addition to our Guardians of the Galaxy clothing, we offer Guardians of the Galaxy collectibles like POP vinyl figures.
Harley Quinn T-Shirts, Harley Quinn Collectibles, Harley Quinn Clothing, and Harley Quinn POP Figures
Anyone familiar with the DC Comic universe has likely come across the iconic super villain, Harley Quinn! Known for her association with the Joker, Harley usually wears the outfit of a harlequin jester. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a fantastic assortment of Harley Quinn merchandise, including Harley Quinn apparel and Harley Quinn figurines that any fan of this character will be sure to love.
Iron Man Apparel, Clothing and Gear
Iron Man is not quite as seasoned as the veterans of the comic book world. His first debut was in 1968, in an age when weapons and war were something of a controversial topic. Yet through personality and heroics, Iron Man persevered and became one of Americas favorite comic book heroes. And now, he has his own section here at Dark Knight Armoury, one filled with all sorts of cool Iron Man apparel and collectibles.
Justice League of America Apparel, Justice League T-Shirts, Justice League Collectibles and JLA Accessories
The Justice League is there for those moments when one hero is not enough! In comic history, the Justice League has often been formed in moments of dire need, usually when some threat faces the Earth that one hero just cannot face alone. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a wide assortment of cool Justice League accents and accessories, although most prominent are our JLA, or Justice League of America, shirts!
Marvel Team-Ups Apparel, Clothing and Gear
The beauty of the Marvel Universe is not solely the shear variety of heroes that exist there-in. It is the fact that they all exist within the same universe, allowing them to meet, mash-up, fight, compete, and more! It is that one continuity that lets the Avengers exist and creates massive possibilities for endless storylines in the comics. And those same endless combinations are what gives us our selection of Marvel Team-Ups.
Spiderman Apparel, Clothing and Gear
When he first debuted in 1962, Spiderman was a ground-breaking hero. He was the first teen hero who did not have a mentor, who was actually THE main hero, as opposed to a sidekick. Designed to appeal to the young masses, Spiderman did just that, and he has remained a popular hero into the modern age. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of Spiderman gear, in the form of cool comic book and movie apparel and collectibles.
Suicide Squad Apparel, Licensed Suicide Squad Collectibles, and Suicide Squad Movie Decor
A clandestine strike team of incarcerated supervillains and their handlers, the Suicide Squad has been a part of the DC Universe since the Silver Age. Suicide Squad, also referred to as Taskforce X, has appeared not only in comic books and the 2016 feature film, but also in video games and television shows. Dark Knight Armoury is thrilled to showcase a selection of Suicide Squad merchandise including Suicide Squad apparel, and Suicide Squad figurines.
Superman Apparel, Clothing and Gear
Superman is more than just a superhero. Some would argue that he is a world-wide icon. His costume, complete with the yellow and red S are practically universally known! And for the fans of Superman, Dark Knight Armoury is happy to have a Superman apparel and collectibles section, one that shows off some fun accents and accessories that any comic book fan will likely love to have to celebrate this earth-bound kryptonian.
The Flash Apparel, The Flash Collectibles, The Flash Graphic T-Shirts and The Flash Accessories
Tapping into the Speed Force, The Flash is a well-known hero and founding member of the Justice League of America. Known to many as the fastest man alive, the Flash goes by several other monikers, including the Scarlet Speedster and the Crimson Comet. And like many masked heroes, many have worn his mantle, although each has used his incredible speed to fight evil and support his fellow heroes from time to time.
The Hulk Apparel, Clothing and Gear
No line has more aptly summed up the power that the big green hero brings to bear quite like the one uttered by Tony Stark in the first Avengers live-action film - We have a Hulk. The mean green hero first surfaced in 1942 and awed readers with his near-limitless strength and potential invulnerability. And now, you can sport your own Hulk style by paying a visit to Dark Knight Armoury and our selection of The Hulk apparel and collectibles.
The Joker Merchandise, Joker T-Shirts, and Joker Collectibles
One of the most notorious figures in the DC Comic universe, the Joker has appeared in numerous comics, TV shows, movies, video games, and other media. Dark Knight Armoury offers a fantastic array of Joker merchandise including Joker apparel and Joker collectibles of all sorts. Browse through our many Joker t-shirts to find a great pick for your wardrobe, or choose from our Joker POP figures and Joker bobble-heads for an amusing home decor addition.
The Punisher Apparel, Clothing and Gear
Not all heroes are paragons of nobility and truth. Some are a darker breed, given to breaking rules and doing what needs to be done, no matter the cost. The Punisher is one such hero. The white skull is his classic logo, and here at Dark Knight Armoury, in this section, you will see a lot of that skull, because this section is dedicated entirely to The Punisher and all of the apparel and collectibles we carry that are inspired by him.
Thor Apparel, Clothing and Gear
Even before he was a comic book character, Thor was a hero. Norse god of thunder and storms, he was also a protector and a guardian, and that made him an ideal candidate to serve as a hero in a comic book series. And he turned out to be a rather popular hero - so popular that Dark Knight Armoury is happy to honor his comic book self with a section dedicated to all the Marvel comics Thor apparel and collectibles that we can get.
Wonder Woman T-Shirts, Wonder Woman Apparel and Wonder Woman Collectibles
How many heroes can claim to have gotten their powers from divine sources? Most, it seems, are either alien, advanced technology, irreproducible experiments, or magic. In the case of Wonder Woman, though, most of her powers are given from a Divine source, as a result of several blessings from the Olympian deities. These powers make her a formidable foe, able to fight on par with the likes of Superman and other powerful heroes.
X-men Apparel, Clothing and Gear
Unlike many of the other sections found in the Shop by Character section at Dark Knight Armoury, this one is not dedicated to one single hero. Instead, it is dedicated to several! The X-Men apparel and collectibles section is filled with tees, hoodies, apparel, and decor collectibles that are inspired by the X-Men, whose members include Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X, and the infamous Wolverine.
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