Licensed Comic Costumes

Have you always wanted to be a superhero like the ones in your favorite comics? If so, you are in luck! Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a great selection of licensed comic costumes and Halloween costume accessories for children and adults! Gals and guys can dress like a whole host of their favorite Marvel superheroes from the classic comics and the latest Marvel films, including box office successes like Captain America 2 and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Whether you want to dress as Cyclops from the X-Men, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Black Widow, or Thor, we have a great licensed costume for your enjoyment. We also carry a fantastic array of comic costume masks, hands, gloves, boot tops, wigs props, makeup to help create your transformation! These costumes make a great choice for Halloween, costume parties, fan conventions, and role-play events. Peruse our selection, and choose an amazing comic book costume for your next occasion!
Kids Comic Book Costumes, Boys Superhero Costumes, and Girls Superhero Costumes
Young fans of the Marvel and DC universes can show off their favorite superheroes and heroines this Halloween with the help of the childrens comic book costumes from Dark Knight Armoury. We carry excellent kids costumes featuring popular characters like Captain America, Black Widow, Spider-Man, the Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Catwoman, and many more. In addition to heroes, our selection also includes kids supervillain costumes.
Comic Book Costume Accessories, Comic Book Prop Weapons, and Superhero Costume Gloves
Once you have picked out your superhero costume for your next Halloween party or convention, be sure to check out the fantastic finishing touches you can find at Dark Knight Armoury. We carry comic book costume accessories like wigs, prop weapons, latex masks, boot tops, makeup kits, costume gloves, and more. These licensed costume accessories feature designs from Marvel and DC that are suitable for adults and kids.
Mens Comic Book Costumes, Mens Superhero Costumes, and Mens Licensed Comic Costumes
If you have always wanted to belong to the Avengers or the Justice League, then now is your chance! The mens comic book costumes at Dark Knight Armoury provide you with the perfect way to adopt the look of your favorite superhero. These licensed DC Universe and Marvel costumes also include a number of mens supervillain costumes. Browse our selection to find the perfect superhero costume for a convention or Halloween party.
Womens Comic Book Costumes, Womens Superhero Costumes, and Womens Licensed Comic Costumes
The next time you need a fun option for Halloween or a convention, check out the fantastic womens comic book costumes here at Dark Knight Armoury. Our selection includes many superheroine costumes and supervillain costumes featuring fan favorite characters like Black Widow, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn, among others from the Marvel and DC Comic universes. These licensed costumes bring these incredible ladies to life in a whole new way!
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